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ASD-30 DC/DC Transformer

A DC/DC transformer is a component or device that converts DC (direct current) to DC, specifically a component that uses DC to convert from one voltage level to another.


The input DC is transformed into AC by the self-excited oscillation circuit, and then transformed into DC output by the transformer, or the AC is transformed into high-voltage DC output by the voltage doubling rectifier circuit.


(1) The leakage inductance can be controlled within 1%-10% of the main inductance;

(2) The magnetic core has good electromagnetic coupling, simple structure and high production efficiency;

(3) High operating frequency, high power density, frequency in 50kHz~300kHz or so.

(4) Excellent heat dissipation characteristics, with a high surface area and volume ratio, thermal channel is very short, easy to dissipate heat.

(5) High efficiency, special geometric shape of the core structure can effectively reduce the loss of the core.

(6) Small electromagnetic radiation interference. Low power loss, low temperature rise, high efficiency.

Applications: Vehicle and server power boards.


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