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Custom Toroidal

custom toroidal


Advantages of Toroids for Industrial Applications

Toroids are lighter, smaller, and more efficient than other transformers, offering many benefits to a variety of applications. The shape of the core prevents stray magnetic flux and leakage flux, resulting in less electromagnetic interference (EMI) to adjacent components. Prowell Technology manufactures custom transformers according to strict quality standards to ensure products of the highest caliber.

Additional benefits of toroid transformers include:

  • Smaller size and lighter weight than conventional laminated designs
  • Low form factor, flat design
  • Single bolt mounting
  • Lower losses and higher efficiency
  • Reduced audible noise
  • Inherently low magnetic flux leakage
  • Shielded designs readily produced to meet low leakage current or EMI requirements



Applications of Toroidal Power Transformers

Toroids are the best solution for compact applications that need space-saving transformers. They work well in electronic circuit applications involving computers, inverters, video, and audio. Because of their low leakage and ease of shielding, toroidal transformers are frequently used in medical devices and equipment, as well as:

Considerations for Custom Toroidal Transformer Designs

Our toroids are custom-designed for specific applications. Their available ratings depend upon your power requirements, maximum voltages, currents, and frequency. We can produce toroidal isolation transformers with ratings from 20 VA to 12 kVA for 50/60 Hz operation, autotransformers to 8 kVA, and transformers for 400 Hz operation to 12 kVA. If your project is not in those specification ranges, check out the other transformer types we manufacture.

Prowell Technology is Your Reliable Toroidal Transformer Manufacturer

At Prowell Technology, none of our transformers are off-the-shelf products. We customize our products based on exact design specifications and applications, manufacturing high-quality transformers for OEMs and manufacturers in a wide range of industries. With over 24 years of design experience, we can provide you with the best custom transformers. Get started on your order by requesting a quote, or contact us for additional information and speak with an expert today.


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