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Toroidal Transformer 200W

toroidal transformer 200W


Ring Core Transformer 200W

Product power-200w

Application:1. Medical equipment, automatic control equipment, home appliance speaker equipment, security monitoring equipment; 2. Broadcasting system, solar wind energy, electronic communication.

Usage:Single-phase Transformer, Rectifier Transformer, Combined Transformer, Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer


    PROWELL, established in 2009, PROWELLis a professional magnetic products and low voltage transformer manufacturer in China, PROWELL specializes in cost-effective custom magnetic designs. We are able to accomplish this through our engineering prowess and application of our expertise to meet our customers specific needs.Our product range including Magnetic products, Magnetic transformers, Toroidal transformer, low voltage transformer,Landscape transformer, and switch power supply . we began to know magnetic products from Delta Electronic Since 2000, and then we only know magnetic products in our careers. we can design magnetic products according to your request .



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