Keep vehicles on the road with reliable PROWELL contactors and relays.

Electric car sales account for almost 1% of all car sales in America, and have been climbing for the last several years. It’s becoming more common to see charging stations in all areas, including businesses, public lots, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and rest stops. It’s vital that these stations are ready to work in all weather conditions, to keep electric vehicles on the road, and customers happy.

Manufactured from quality materials, our contactors and relays provide years of reliable operation in every environment storms, freezing temperatures, high heat, and excessive humidity. Purposefully engineered and tested, Prowell’s engineering, testing and quality teams know your reputation is on the line every time a driver stops to recharge, so you can be assured of our commitment to quality.

Many customers rely on us to manage inventories and deliver customized control products including contactors, relays, transformers, capacitors and auxiliary switches’ just in time for their manufacturing requirements and processes. Located in the heart of the Midwest, our facility is ideally situated to serve customers nationwide through a broad distribution network and associates who are dedicated to outstanding customer service.

Founded in 2009, PROWELL has grown rapidly to become a premier provider of custom electrical control solutions and engineered assemblies. We design domestically, manufacture internationally, and warehouse locally to deliver what you need right when it’s needed.