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Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer


Isolation transformers do not have a DC path between two windings, which means they provide these three things:

  1. Isolate the secondary winding from the ground.
  2. Provide a step up or step down of line voltages.
  3. Reduce line noise transmitted back and forth between the primary winding and the secondary winding.

The Advantages of Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers completely isolate electrical devices from the supply line, so they are often used in medical environments because they have the following advantages:

  • They reduce the risk of shock to a patient.
  • They have a low leakage current.
  • They have low power losses.
  • They are compact in size and weight.

Contact Us for Isolation Transformers

If you’re in the market for isolation transformers, contact Prowell Technology today. We can design according to your unique specifications for contract manufacturing, so you get exactly what you need to get the job done right.


Size Range/Form Factor:
Available in a broad amount of sizes and bobbins including self leaded, surface mount or through hole configurations


Output Range:
Built to meet industry standards and customer requirements


Operating Temperatures:
130’C and 155’C


Packaging Options:
Tray, bulk and tape and reel


Built to meet the required industry standards Built to IPC-A-610 standards. RoHS3 and Conflict Free


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