The transformer for microwave oven is a step-up transformer. There are not many special features compared with our common transformers. It is also composed of primary winding and secondary winding. The primary winding has one and only one set of electrical Crimp 220V AC mains. The secondary has two windings with two sets of voltages: one Group voltage is: filament heating voltage around 4V.

Another set of voltages is: 2100V is a high voltage for voltage doubler rectification. Note that one end of this group of voltage lead-out terminals is connected to the iron core of the microwave oven transformer. One section is led out through the plug. Galanz Microwave Through Plug The lead-out terminal is insured, and most of Haier’s microwave ovens are also plug-lead-out. Warranty specification 2000V, 0.75A. The LG microwave oven cancels this insurance, and directly connects the transformer lead-out plug to the high-voltage rectifier end.

Knowing the structure of microwave oven high voltage transformer, it is easy to judge its quality.

Detection method:

1. Detection and judgment of power failure: use a multimeter to measure the resistance value. The resistance at both ends of the primary is 2 ohms, and the resistance of the secondary filament is close to short catch. The resistance value of the high voltage winding is 80~120 ohms. different transformers obvious.

2. Power-on detection and judgment: Connect the primary to 220V AC mains to see if the secondary voltage is within the range. The filament is about 4V, and the high voltage is 2000V. The 2000V here is not easy to measure. The voltage measured by our common multimeter is not so high. Preliminary judgment may be made by drawing out the arc. It takes experience. It can also be judged by measuring the no-load current current. The microwave oven uses a transformer to control the current around 4A.

3. The range of the multimeter can be expanded by using the principle of voltage division of the series circuit, and the high voltage of the high voltage transformer can be measured conveniently by means of energization.


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