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Flyback Transformer

Flyback Transformer


Prowell Technology flyback transformers (also known as line output transformers) are used by many industries in switched-mode power supplies for:

  • Power and electrical supply conversion
  • DC to DC power conversion
  • AC-DC power supplies
  • Converters and inverters
  • Computers, PoE motors, generators, and electrical pumps

How Flyback Transformers Work

Key power supply parts include a/an:

  • Flyback transformer
  • Primary switch
  • Mutually coupled inductor
  • Output rectifier
  • Input capacitor
  • Output capacitor

All these parts work together to create a simple switch-mode power supply for AC/DC applications.

Here’s how:

  1. The primary switch amplifies the electronic signals within a device.
  2. When the primary switch is on, energy remains stored in the transformer.
  3. When the primary switch is off, the transformer current flows.
  4. Voltage is generated from a few kilovolts up to 50 kilovolts. This is coupled with high-frequency currents from 17 kHz to 50 kHz.

Learn More

To learn more about how Prowell Technology can develop, prototype, and manufacture flyback transformers for you, contact us today.


Size Range/Form Factor:
Available in a broad amount of sizes and bobbins including self leaded, surface mount or through hole configurations


Output Range:
Up to 400W and 4000VAC Isolation. Built to Reinforced insulation requirements.


Operating Temperatures:
130’C, 155’C, 180’C and 200’C


Packaging Options:
Tray, bulk and tape and reel


EN60950, UL60601, CSA for reinforced isolation. Built to IPC-A-610 standards. RoHS3 and Conflict Free


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