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Digital Audio

Digital Audio transformer


Prowell Technology’s digital audio transformers are a critical solution for maintaining highly accurate (and minimally distorted) signals optimized for very high frequencies in telecommunications.

What Are Audio Transformers?

Audio transformers don’t transform audio signals. In reality, they are “impulse” or signal transformers that improve overall sound quality by matching impedance and voltage of the input and output sources.

These devices are designed by wrapping a coil of wire around a magnetic core consisting mostly of iron. The number of wraps, or “turns,” depends on the application of the transformer.

What Do Audio Transformers Modify?

Audio transformers modify the signals between various audio components to achieve optimal sound quality by modifying:

  • Power levels for sound balance
  • Input/output frequency response to transmit a full range of audio
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) to improve sound quality
  • Current flow to account for insulation resistance
  • Rotations of primary and secondary windings to account for impedance
  • DC current to produce optimal sound
  • Current flow to account for insertion loss
  • Bandwidth levels to allow for calibration of current flow
  • DC resistance to reduce distortion

Contact Us for Digital Audio Transformers

With over 70 years of experience in the magnetics industry, you can trust our experts to rapidly develop, prototype, and produce high-quality digital audio transformers. Contact us today!


Size Range/Form Factor:
Digital audio transformers are bobbin wound available in through hole and surface mount


Output Range:
Up to 225Khz sampling rate


Operating Temperatures:
130’C, 155’C, 180’C and 200’C


Packaging Options:
Tray, bulk and tape and reel


AES3 interface standards. RoHS3 and Conflict Free



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