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Common Mode Inductors

common mode inductor


Common mode choke inductors (CMC) are used in switching power supplies and power supply circuits for eliminating AC line-conducted common mode noise across a wide range of frequencies.

The Advantages of Using Common Mode Choke Inductors

A CMC might be more expensive than a differential choke, but its functionality and reliability are unmatched. Here are more specific advantages of using common mode choke inductors:

  • They are highly efficient, so they can handle much higher currents.
  • They have a high inductance value, meaning EMI radiation is kept low.
  • They offer an extensive frequency range.
  • They can often solve noisy connections by suppressing or blocking high-frequency signals.

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Size Range/Form Factor:
Available in a broad amount of sizes and bobbins including self leaded, surface mount or through hole configurations


Output Range:
Isolation to 2,500 VRMS. 4mm Creepage and Clearance. Frequencies 10 kHz to 1 mHz


Operating Temperatures:
130’C, 155’C, 180’C and 200’C


Packaging Options:
Tray, bulk and tape and reel


UL, CSA, VDE, IEC Compatible Built to IPC-A-610 standards. RoHS3 and Conflict Free


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