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Universal Windings

universal windings


Prowell Technology’ universal windings are used in transformers for high frequency, high voltage power supplies where stringent layering and coil winding control is needed.

How to Get Universal Coil Windings

The coil winding process is based on mathematical calculations and ratios. Therefore, to get truly universal coil windings, doing it by hand is not ideal. An industrial universal coil winder is necessary to attain the speed and control that achieves exacting results.

Get Universal Coil Windings

For the strictest standards of layering and winding control, you need universal coil windings from Prowell Technology. Our advanced universal coil winder can get the job done fast.

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Size Range/Form Factor:
Capability to wind a broad amount of custom sizes and bobbins


Output Range:
Built to meet industry standards and customer requirements


Operating Temperatures:
130’C and 155’C


Packaging Options:
Tray and bulk


Built to IPC-A-610 standards. RoHS3 and Conflict Free


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