Prowell Technology assembles and manufactures the following communication transformers for use in the telecommunication industry:

  • T1 and T3
  • E1 and E3
  • XDSL, ADSL, and HDSL
  • DMT

Tech Specs for Our Communication Transformers

  • Size Range/Form Factor: Available in a broad range of sizes and bobbins, including self leaded, surface mount, or through–hole configurations
  • Output Range: Built to meet industry standards and customer requirements (per contract manufacturing)
  • Operating Temperatures: 130°C and 155°C
  • Packaging Options: Tray, bulk, and tape and reel

Standards: Built to meet required industry standards, including IPC-A-610, RoHS3, and Conflict-Free standards

What Are Communication Transformers?

Transformers used for communication serve as isolation transformers. In other words, they are used to isolate signals amidst primary and secondary grounds within devices that need strong bandwidths, rapid switching, and voltage changes for compatibility purposes in lower voltage applications.

What Are the Advantages of Having Communication Transformers?

There are many advantages to using magnetic transformers for communication:

  • They control and stabilize transmission of the voltage and provide isolation to the ground.
  • No starting time is required.
  • They can be reverse connected.
  • There is a wide variety of types and usage areas.
  • They’re highly efficient.
  • With no moving parts, they are very low maintenance.
  • There is less capital investment.

What Businesses Use Magnetic Transformers for Communication?

There are a variety of businesses that use magnetic transformers to communicate, including those in the following telecommunication industries:

  • Computer and video equipment
  • Audio equipment and devices (microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, etc.)
  • Entertainment (movie and music)
  • Broadcasting

Have Questions Regarding TeleCommunication Transformers?

If you have any questions about our stock of magnetic transformers for communication or our ability to contract manufacture exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to contact Prowell Technology today!