Prowell Technology step up/step down toroidal power transformers meet modern-day requirements for small size and lightweight. The power capacity range from 50VA to 5kVA, all copper wire design, has numerous approvals covering a wide variety of international standards. It features a single primary voltage of 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V AC 50/60Hz and a single or double secondary voltage like 12V/24V/2×24. The toroidal shape gives a significantly higher efficiency compared to conventional transformers of the same size. Our standard safety toroidal transformers can be ordered easily and are customizable. If you cannot find the products you are looking for, or you have special demands, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a Toroidal Transformer Used for?

Toroidal Power Transformers for Audio

Among the toroidal transformer products, there are many well-known products in audio equipment. Such as high-performance products that can be used as power transformers in high-power hi-fi amplifiers and power transformers for medium and small power audio equipment.

For Electrical control

It can be used in current and voltage transformers. New high-performance magnetic materials such as permalloy soft magnetic materials, amorphous materials or nanocrystalline alloys can be used as magnetic cores, with precise intelligent instruments and special testing methods. It can ensure accurate transformer parameters and completely consistent performance.

For Medical equipment

Toroidal transformers are specially designed and manufactured for medical equipment. In addition to high efficiency, high reliability and high safety requirements, it also especially strengthens the electrical strength and improves the anti-humid heat performance. A thermal fuse is also required to be added inside the transformer to ensure reliability.

Toroidal transformers

Features of Toroidal Isolation Transformer

  1. The toroidal isolation transformer is a transformer with input and output windings completely independent and isolated from each other with an insulation layer in the middle.
  2. The toroidal isolation transformer is mainly used in places to avoid electric shock and protect human safety.
  3. 220V to 220V toroidal isolation transformer is mainly used to isolate the earth.
  4. Toroidal isolation transformers are used in most precision instruments, medical equipment, and mines.

Toroidal Power Transformer for 220V/110V Voltage Converter

Compared with ordinary transformers, toroidal transformers have great advantages in efficiency, temperature rise, cost, anti-interference, and longevity. Prowell Electric toroidal transformer specifications are: 50VA, 70VA, 120VA, 150VA, 200VA, 500VA, 1000VA, 3000VA, input voltage: 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V, output voltage: 12V, 24V, 110V, 120V, etc.

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