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120V to 230V single-phase isolation transformers

Pulse hot press transformer | low voltage high current control transformer parameters,Isolation transformers

Power: 1-5kva

Input voltage: 120V.230V,  etc


Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

Core material: dw470, Z10 and other high-quality silicon steel sheets

Insulation resistance: ≥ 500m ω

Dielectric strength: 2000V / min without breakdown

Insulation class: Class F



Single phase shielded isolation transformers 120V to 230V 1:1 single phase isolation transformer is used to isolate electrical equipment from power grid It is used in occasions where power consumption is cautious or where anti-interference of power supply (mostly D / Y and D / yn connection) is required. There is no direct electrical connection between electrical equipment and power supply. The product is applicable to AC 50 / 60Hz and working voltage below 1000V. Insulation and heat resistance grade can reach grade F

model Rated   capacity (kVA)

PW-5         5KVA

PW-6        6KVA

PW-8      8KVA

PW-10    10KVA

PW-15    15KVA

PW-20    20KVA

PW-30    30KVA

PW-40    40KVA

PW-50    50KVA



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