The led dawn to dusk outside lights 202 series is applicable to contro the street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting and doorwaylighting automatically in accordance with the ambient natural lighting level.This product is designed on the basis of thermal – bimetallic structure that provides time delay over 30 seconds to avoid mis-operation dueo spotlight or lightning during the night time. A temperature compensation system provides consistent performance regardless to the
ambient temperature.This product provides three twist-lock terminals meetina the requirements of ANS1 C136.10-1996 and the Standard for Plug-In, LockinoType Photocontrols for Use with Area.

Push the photocontroller on and twist it clockwise to lock it into the receptacle.Install the photocontroller with the Photocell facing the NORTH direction asindicated on the top of the photocontroller.Adjust the receptacle position if necessary.

Initial Testing
It is normal for the SWITCH to take several minutes to turn off when first installed.

To test turn on”during daytime, cover its eye with sliding the metal strip mounted.

Do not cover with finger because light traveling through fingers may be great enough to keep the switch open.

Test will take approximately 2 minutes.