The photo electric sensors for street lighting control JL-104 is applicable to control the street lihtinq, passage liahting and doorwaylighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.This product is desianed on the basis of electrical heating structure that provides time delay over 30 seconds to avoid redundant switchinoagainst spotlight or lightning during the night time. A temperature compensator system provides consistent performance recardless of theambient temperature.
104 has a gathered swive with the sensor/switch body for convenient direction adiustment after instalation. Additional swivel is alsoavailable for further adiustmert.

Disconnect power, place screw thread of the SWITCH in knockout hole and fastenwith rubber gasket and Zinc alloy lock-nut.Wire according to the diagram in right hand.Do not install the switch with the Photocell facing artificial or reflected light. Thiswill cause the unit to cycle on and off at night.

lnitial Testing
t is normal for the SWITCH to take several minutes to turn off when first installedo test “turn on”during daytime, cover its eye with sliding the metal strip mounted.Do not cover with finger because light traveling through fingers may be great enough to keep the switch openTest will take approximately 2 minutes.