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In-ground transformer 600W

In-ground transformer 600W,output 12V-15V AC,Timer Build-in.


In-ground transformer 600W


High-Performance Toriodal Transformer inside

Class F Grade Copper Wire Winding

Corrosion Resistance Plastic Enclosure

Output 12V and 15V AC

Mechnical Timer Build-in

• This power supply is for use with landscape lighting systems only.
• This device is accepted as a component of a landscape lighting
system where the suitability of the combination shall be determined
by National Electric Code or local authorities having jurisdiction.
• WARNING: Risk of electric shock, use only with low voltage
landscape fixtures and accessories. DO NOT use with
swimming pool or spa lighting fixtures.
• Do not connect two or more power supplies in parallel.
• Suitable for outdoor use only.
• National Electrical Code requires that wiring where concealed or
extended through a building wall must be enclosed in conduit.
• WARNING – Risk of Electric Shock. Install power unit 5 feet
(1.5 m) or more from a pool or spa and 10 feet (3.05 m) or more
from a fountain. Where the power unit is installed within 10 feet
(3.05 m) of a pool or spa connect power unit to a GFCI
protected branch circuit.
• Do not energize transformer until installation of system is complete.
• Direct burial rated wire is to be buried a minimum of 6” (152mm)
beneath the surface of the ground.
NOTE: If additional Direct Burial wire is needed, contact your
local Prowell Electric landscape distributor.
• 8 GA wire can be purchased in length of 250’ (76 M),
• 10 GA wire can be purchased in length of 250’ (76 M),
• 12 GA wire can be purchased in lengths of 100’ (30 M),
250’ (76 M), 500’ (152M), and
1000’ (304 M).
• Finding Transformer Load: Low voltage systems require the use
of a transformer to reduce standard 120-VOLT power from your
home to 12-15 VOLTS. To determine the transformer size you will
need, add up the wattages of all lamps you plan to use. Select a
transformer that matches as closely as possible to the total
lamp wattage. For example, if you have 11 fixtures all rated at
24.4 watts, you will need a 300 watt (VA) transformer (11 x 24.4 =
268.4 watts). Generally, the total lamp load should not be less
than one-third the transformers wattage rating, nor exceed its
maximum wattage capacity. If your total wattage is too high,
either divide the load between two transformers, or use a more
powerful transformer


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