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Industrial microwave transformers 1500w

  • Industrial microwave transformers 1500w
  • Input:120/240V/50/60Hz
  • output:2200V/3.3V
  • Product type :FOOD_SERVICE_SUPPLY
  • Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance
  • It is applicable to various high-temperature industrial microwave equipment (500-1200 degrees), and conventional microwave drying / drying equipment works continuously for 24 hours


Industrial microwave transformers 1500w

High voltage transformer is used for converting low frequency low voltage low frequency high voltage electromagnetic induction equipment.When a winding through the alternating current transformer to produce alternating magnetic field, through the induction effects of alternating magnetic field, the secondary winding is also corresponding to produce alternating magnetic field produced by ac electromotive force, high and low voltage of secondary winding and secondary winding turn ratio, the voltage is proportional to the number of turns, the main effect of high pressure is necessary for to convert low voltage to high voltage insulation are particularly important in the production process, many manufacturers of substandard products mainly reflects on insulation processing, completes the insulation is the key of the high voltage transformer production.

Industrial microwave 1500 w high voltage transformer, and 1500 w filament transformer connection work, matching Witt 1500 w magnetron (2 m463k / 2 m463j), usually to adjust in the routine use of filament transformer to adjust the action of microwave power.

Product parameters:

power primary voltage secondary high pressure No-load current No-load power frequency material weight
1500W 240V 2290V 12A 160W 50HZ copper 15KG

Appearance size: 162 mm * 170 mm * 170 mm wide,
Floor size: 162 mm * 120 mm wide, long
Fixed orifice size: 135 mm * 135 mm

There are 72 transformers in each box and 18 transformers in each layer, a total of 4 layers. A box of transformers will be loaded on a pallet.


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