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High Voltage Transformer 800W to 2000W

  • Input:208V/50/60Hz
  • output:2200V/3.6V
  • package dimensions :24.637 cm L x 25.654 cm W x 25.907 cm H
  • Product type :FOOD_SERVICE_SUPPLY
  • Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance
  • It is applicable to various high-temperature industrial microwave equipment (500-1200 degrees), and conventional microwave drying / drying equipment works continuously for 24 hours 800-2200W Menumaster High Voltage Transformer


800-2200W Menumaster High Voltage Transformer

Product principle:

The silicon content of silicon steel core power transformer has little effect on the quality of transformer, and it is related to the model of iron core. Secondly, even if the core is of the same type and the treatment process is not good, the quality is very different, sometimes as high as 40-50%. Good magnetic core and the same material, processing system and winding process are very key. Good heat dissipation can reach 15000 Gauss with only a small excitation current of 10mA. Without good heat dissipation, the excitation current of 50mA may reach the corresponding 15000 Gauss. There is a great gap between the two. Judging the quality of iron core from a professional point of view is mainly through several indicators such as excitation current, iron loss and saturation parameters.    Industrial Microwave transformer

There are 72 transformers in each box and 18 transformers in each layer, a total of 4 layers. A box of transformers will be loaded on a pallet.

800-2200W Menumaster High Voltage Transformer


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